Monday, 10 October 2011

Y3K Series CookBook-Cold Desserts

I must admit browsing the pages of this cookbook on Cold Desserts, it spurred me to do these colourful array of agar-agars for my kid's friends. As this range of agar-agar is not available in the food market, I wonder maybe I can start an online sale of this desserts. It looks fabulous and tastes yummy. Mmmm... as you see girls/ladies love sweet treats, right?

This book sells at S$11.00 and this book contains 36 cold-desserts bilingual receipes with easy-to-follow methods. Wouldn't you want a copy of it for collection?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Taste of Singapore Cookbook

A Taste of Singapore : Explore the Sensational Food and Cooking of this Unique Cuisine, with 80 Recipes Shown Step by Step in More than 450 Stunning P

This brand new book published in 2011(total pages of 160) on Singapore Cuisine is indeed a must-buy book for foodie who wants to know how to cook our local dishes. This book contains very clear explanation on the various equipments used, cooking methods to master and the understanding of the different ingredients. Whether you are a novice or advanced cook, you will definitely be excited with the recommended receipes and the fruit of your labour will enhance your desire to experiment them.

This book is selling at S$14.00 and if you are interested to obtain a copy of it, please email to with your request.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

There's no carrot in carrot cake - a book about hawker dishes in Singapore

There's No Carrot In Carrot Cake

Never judge a book by its cover. This book definitely fit the description. Although it's plain-looking but the well-illustrated & elaborate details of the sumptuous meals will definitely ignite our delights & desire for food. It's a great guide for anyone who likes to know more of our Singapore Popular hawker dishes easily available in hawker centres and food courts islandwide. Honestly this book is well written with digestible explanation of the specific dish. Whether you are a newbie or regular foodie, it's worth spending some time to read this appetising book and sure to bring hunger pangs down your stomach.

This book is selling @ S$ 14.00, if you wish to buy this book just email me at with your request.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cookery Book for the Novices


This is one of my favourite cookbooks which is highly recommended for novices who like to start Chinese-style cooking.

Title          :  Cuisines for Beginners (Bilingual in Chinese and English)
Author      :  Theresa Lai
Year         :  July 2011
Publisher   :  Seashore Publishing Co.
Price         :  Singapore Dollars $9.90

This book has good explanations, good illustration and learning to cook is just a brisk!!
It is available in Popular Bookstores.  For overseas readers who want to have a copy of this book, I can get it for you. Just simply email me : with your request.